Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guest Authors Coming Soon!

You might look through your list of Facebook friends and Twitter followers and wonder where they all came from. You see school friends you'd once forgotten, found in a moment of curious weakness one late Sunday night when you couldn't sleep. You see colleagues from jobs you've definitely tried to forget, but something compelled you to look them up one day, perhaps because they were the one shining light that made a terrible job bearable. You see friends of friends who sent you an invite, who you thought might widen your circle, and with one click, you allowed them into your little world.

My Facebook and Twitter lists are certainly made from the same stuff as yours - friends, family, networkers, schoolmates, colleagues new and old, and friends of friends. But when I look at their names and profiles, I see possibility. I see a sampling of what makes up the real world away from our keyboards, which is true variety of thought and experience. I see married couples. And singles. I see gay friends and straight. I see white, black, brown and even orange (Yes, I see you, Self-tanners!). I see blue collar and white collar. Entrepreneurs. Struggling artists and struggling parents. Introverts and extroverts. I see political and religious views across the spectrum.

All of these friends have unique viewpoints. All of them have original thoughts to share. All of them are experts in some area of their lives, even if they don't know it.

How can I NOT share their experiences with you?

Over the next weeks, I will open my new blog to these friends. I hope that through me each guest writer will bring to you something unique, some little dribble from his or her mind that inpires you, angers you, informs you or even makes you laugh.

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