Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Enough - poetry by guest author Renee Anderson

When is enough really enough?
when you feel broken and empty inside
when you have nowhere to go
when you have no more tears to shed

Can anyone really live this way?
you hate to go home
in a room full of people you stand alone
your heart yearns for more
all you see is emptiness

When you are told that you are loved - but it's hollow
you can hear the words but no action is given
the need you crave is never met
you replace one addiction with another
until you are just a shell

Standing alone
I want so much more than I have
I have so much more than I need
If life was simpler I would be set
My wants carry over into obsessions
My thoughts take control of my head
If I could just take a step back
Maybe just maybe I wouldn't feel alone

how do I control the rage
how do I control the beasts inside
how do I let these feelings out before they become my life

I wish
sometimes I wish I could go back in time
to a worry-free feeling of bliss
to lack responsibilities
to lack wants
to start over or end it all

Renee has been writing poetry to let out her emotions since she was 9yrs old. For Renee, writing is just another way to express who she is deep inside. As "Chief Dribbler" on this blog, I'd like to add that I'm thrilled to bring Renee's poetry to Minddribbles and encourage all of my friends who enjoy writing either poetry or prose to submit their words for display on this blog to I'd love to read whatever has dribbled from your mind, in any format!

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